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Happy Equinox!

I love to celebrate the official change in the seasons - the shifting

of our days and energies,

from light-filled days of warm (HOT!) summer sun,

to the grey/chilly days of late fall/winter,

encouraging us to gather together and focus our energies inward.

I never used to like change, and its easy to focus on that part.

"Oh, I love summer. I don't really like cold.

I wish it could stay warm forever."

But we would just grow accustomed to it, and start to grumble about how hot & humid it is all the time,

and the mosquitos are so bad... 

You can't stop time, or the seasons - so you might as well

embrace the time of change. 

Instead of looking at it as a loss, I look at it

as an opportunity. 

What needs tweaking in your life? 

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