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How can I help you?

  • Currently accepting Medicare (not Medicaid), and most major commercial insurance policies

    • Aetna

    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (aka Anthem, including Healthkeepers for the time being...)

    • Cigna

    • Humana 

    • Optima

    • Tricare Prime/East

    • Tricare Select and Tricare for Life

    • United Health

    • VA Health Network

Cash prices shown below for those who need/want to pay "out of pocket" rather than bill insurance (reflecting a discount of 33% for paying at the time of the visit)

RATE INCREASE (cash rates)
New prices (below) will become effective 6/1/22

Medical Evaluation

I am a Medical Doctor (MD), with specialty training in Musculoskeletal & Neuromuscular conditions, as well as bringing an Osteopathic lens to my evaluation. 

The hands (and eyes) can be highly sensitive tools for diagnosis and treatment. Let me figure out what is causing your back pain, neck pain, tingling, weakness, etc. - and put you on a path to healing! 

First visit is typically 60-90 min; may include manipulation at no extra cost, if felt clinically appropriate, and if time allows. 


Medical follow up visits

40 minute appointment: May include manipulation, dry-needling, medication management, or other care as appropriate. 


Osteopathic Manipulation

Gentle, yet powerful hands-on techniques to address many forms of musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction. 

Dr. Hallmark is undergoing training at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is under the gracious mentorship of Dr. Peter Bower. 

Dry needling

A non-pharmacologic technique that uses acupuncture needles to directly address muscular spasm via "needling" - typically considered primarily for muscular spasm that is resistant to more gentle manual techniques. 

Trigger Point Injections

A technique similar to dry-needling that is used to directly address muscular spasm, but using local anaesthetic medication (i.e. lidocaine) and/or other medications - typically considered primarily for muscular spasm that is resistant to more gentle manual techniques (as with dry-needling).  

Joint Injections

"Cortisone" (steroid) injections can be an effective treatment for arthritic pain and some other painful conditions affecting the joints. Knee and shoulder injections can be performed in the clinic, as well as bursa injections for the hips.

Now also offering prolotherapy for sacroiliac joints and some other conditions.  


Acupuncture for Relaxation

30 min appointment includes needle placement and 20 min of relaxation with the treatment in place. This treatment is designed to cause a deep relaxation response in essentially all persons, and does not require a detailed analysis of energetic pathway considerations. 

A great introduction to acupuncture, as well as a great "refresher" if you are feeling a bit overstimulated in life. 

*self-pay service only


Yoga Therapy (1-on-1)

Dr. Hallmark has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, is a 200-hour trained Yoga Instructor (2007), and is now offering 1-on-1 sessions for yoga therapy for some conditions. 

Consider this if you: 

1. Have been interested in trying yoga but are afraid of going to a group setting,

2. Are worried about your medical condition, and afraid that most yoga instructors will not be able to manage this properly,

3. Have an established yoga practice but have some "restrictions" that you want to work on more specifically


4. Have some medical concerns that you think yoga might be able to help to address (whether you have experience or not!)


CBD/THCa certification

This is not a stand-alone service.

Dr. Hallmark is registered to provide these certifications, but this is only being offered for established patients of the medical practice, as a therapeutic consideration as part of the overall treatment plan, for treatment of some types of pain and anxiety. 

(Dr. Hallmark will not schedule a visit for CBD/THCa certifications only) 

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Acupuncture for relax
Medical eval

we will accept credit card payments by phone (or mail), but please be advised there is a 3% charge for this convenience



Dr. Hallmark has recently chosen to pursue her Osteopathic Manipulative skills as her primary modality, and will be leaving acupuncture treatments to the several excellent practitioners in the local area. Feel free to contact the office for a recommendation. 



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